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Most online casinos have them, although they do differ in their contents. Some online casinos prefer to hand out straight forward cash which although technically not yours to keep, you can spend on as many online casino games as you wish within a time period. A portion of what you win will be yours to keep. Other casinos prefer to offer you a series of match deposit bonuses, rewarding you with a percentage again of what you deposit, and others like to make you work for your bonuses, by the spinning of wheels of money.

The most common welcome bonus to be found in the online casino world however is that of the match deposit welcome bonus. To give you an example of what one of these is and just how it works, we can take a look at InterCasino, which has a near perfect welcome bonus in store for you.

Many other online casinos have similar promotions and offers, most of them around the one hundred percent match mark, although many will only permit you to deposit up to one hundred pounds with their offer. InterCasino has therefore one of the greater welcome bonuses out there.

Of all the ways players can claim an online casino welcome bonus, a match deposit bonus seems to be the fairest way. With other methods there is every chance that you will be denied a welcome bonus either by failing to win enough to make it worthwhile, or simply failing to win at all. Online casinos that make you work for your bonus, tend to be less popular with gamers than those with match deposit welcome bonuses; and websites that do offer welcome bonuses in this manner often offer reload bonuses for all subsequent deposits too, or at the very least, cash back options.

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